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Aloha Food Tours was launched in Honolulu, Hawaii with one goal in mind. To introduce visitors and locals alike to unique and delicious cuisine that showcases Hawaii as a melting pot of culinary exploration for people all around the world. The diverse ethnic demographic of Hawaii ensures that there are many Asian fusion dishes along with local’s traditional cuisine that can’t be found easily in other destinations around the world. All of the restaurants and eateries we taste from on our tours are locally owned and independent, not chain restaurants found elsewhere in the world. Aloha Food Tours was founded to provide a fun, unique experience for anyone who loves to eat! The great thing about our tours is that whether you are a local Hawaiian or a tourist to the area, there is something for everyone on our tour. During your 2.5 hours with us, we will show you restaurants and specialty food stores that are off the beaten path and will show you a whole new world of culinary adventures in Honolulu.

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