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Amsterdam: Pozostałe atrakcje

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Amsterdam : ce que vous en avez pensé

Évaluation générale

4.4 / 5

basé sur 6 779 avis

Everything was perfect. First, our tour guide Xavi was soooo nice and he made sure that everything was perfect during the whole trip. He is such a passionate guide and even in the bus he took the time to tell us some stories and very interesting tips. Then, the tour in itself was wonderful : Xavi made sure we had all the time we needed to see everything, and, at the end of the tour we were so surprised to have such a qualitative tour for the very cheap price we paid !!! We’d recommend that trip to everyone visiting the Netherlands !!

The tour was very interesting, mainly thanks to our English speaking guide, Xavi, who taught us not only about the waterland but also about the life and history of the Netherlands! Great advice on food and souvenir shop to!

It was amazing and Xavi was a great guide! I would recommend to start your journey in Amsterdam with this tour because it makes you learn a lot about the region and its history

Un excellent moyen de découvrir la ville et la partie un peu cachée avec une ballade super agréable entre ville, canaux et parc !! Le guide était top!!

Très belle ballade bien programmée au niveau du timing et notre guide Xavier(Javier) plus très sûre, espagnol, très drôle plein d humour et dynamique