Bioparc Valencia is a unique zoo. Its design employs the “zoo-immersion” concept, in which visitors are surrounded by meticulous recreations of the natural habitats being presented. The animals, vegetation and landscape provide opportunities for discovering the complexity of natural ecosystems. Visitors may begin their voyage through the African realm of Bioparc Valencia by travelling deep into the savannah, among herds of antelope, giraffe and rhinoceros, while lions overlook the great plain from rocky heights. Vast wonders of life underground in burrows of aardvarks, hyenas and warthogs as well as in nests of naked mole-rats and around termite mounds can be explored. Visitors venture into dense equatorial forest in search of gorillas, surrounded by red forest buffalos and leopards. Following the elephant’s path leads adventurers to a huge cave dug by these pachyderms. Further up the trail is an opportunity to visually submerge in water among hyppopotamus, crocodiles and thousands of colourful fish.

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