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En cas de demande spéciale ou de question sur l’activité, le lieu de rendez-vous ou le lieu de prise en charge, contactez l’organisateur de l’activité.

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À propos de l’organisateur d’activité

C-way is a Tour Operator specialized in art, cultural and naturalistic tourism and tourist services all over Italy, owned by two important italian companies, Costa Edutainment and Civita Cultura, both active in the management, promotion and development of some of the main structures in Italy devoted to Art, Culture and Nature. The managed sites, approximately one hundred, represent the excellence of the Italian cultural heritage. Visiting our locations is a high-value cultural and emotional experience attracting each year more than 18 million tourists coming from all over the world. We propose and create, according to Client`s needs and desires, tours lasting from one day to twenty days, city breaks, excursions, ticketing. We create our offer with an absolute commitment to quality and our proposals are modular so that they can be combined with each other matching the customer’s tastes and budget, offering the best travel experience.

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