Clevertour Company limited

Clevertour was created in 2011by Vu Phuong Thao, was experienced professional in the tourism who wanted to put her philosophy of travelling into pratice. At that time, we only had 4 staffs who operated in Vietnam. We have continued our expansion in 5 years and this day, there are 20 professional tour operators are working for our Headquarter in Hanoi, Vietnam and more than 10 partners in 4 Asian countries: Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. Clevertour is a human-sized company based above all on human values and the contact with the local people is at the core of our philosophy of travel. We have extensive experience in this field, a thorough knowledge of clients’ needs and wishes as well as a good understanding of the characteristics of each sector of the market. Our sales, marketing, operation, production teams are located in the Hanoi Headquarter. Our operation offices are in the major tourist area.

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