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Dublin Tales isn’t your typical Walking Tour. We do things differently! We are storytellers, but the stories we tell aren’t for everyone! Our tours are for people that love history. In all its darkness, humour, and majesty. On our city walks a professional tour guide will show you a side of Dublin many are too afraid to show. Whether that be the strong Women's history, the Jewish quarter of Little Jerusalem, the muck of medieval Dubhlinn or the architectural beauty of our Georgian past. Dublin Tales is a collaboration of like-minded Dublin tour guides. We yearned to tell the tales of the city often untold and so we have come together to present a hidden side to Dublin's culture and history. All of our tour guides receive a fair wage and equal hours. Feel free to check out our blog, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to see what we're up to, or join our public tour every Saturday at 12 noon from Fusiliers Arch. Join Dublin’s Tale!

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