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Berlin can easily lay claim to being one of the most interesting, storied, unique, and exciting cities in the world. A city where history whispers from every corner and creativity thrives in its vibrant, sometimes offbeat, neighborhoods. Planning a trip to the German capital? You'll need time for everything from iconic landmarks, fantastic food, hidden gems, legendary nightlife, and incredible museums … to name a few.

All at once, Berlin manages to cater to couples, kids, cool creatives, curious visitors, and everything in between. From the Brandenburg Gate, a symbol of unity and peace at the heart of the city, to echoes of history along the remnants of the Berlin Wall, there are landmarks and reminders of a divided and difficult past everywhere you go. But dark Berlin is not. Explore vibrant, multicultural neighborhoods like Kreuzberg, Neukölln, and Friedrichshain, where street art tells stories of the city and laughter spills out from sidewalk cafes. There are fun things to do at every turn, especially in summer when river cruises and lake adventures are de rigeur, even for Berliners.

Your Berlin travel guide wouldn't be complete without a nod to its thriving art scene. Berlin's heart beats with creativity, from the East Side Gallery's street art to the world-class exhibits on Museum Island. And when the sun sets, often until it rises again, the city's famous nightlife comes alive. Whether it's techno clubs or cozy bars, there's a spot for every taste.

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With its breathtaking Prussian architecture and its punky wall murals, Berlin is a city of contrasts. It keeps its finger firmly on the pulse of culture and yet responsibly recognizes and respects its past. Whether you're spending two days in Berlin or you're set for a longer stay, there are plenty of big tourist attractions and hidden sights to discover.

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