Vienna Travel Guide

Visiting Vienna? This symphony of history, culture, and charm is one of the most wonderful cities in Europe, filled with treasures both hidden and unmissable.

Picture yourself under the regal gaze of the historic Schönbrunn Palace, where emperors once waltzed through opulent halls, and see St. Stephen's Cathedral's spire pierce the sky like a sentinel. Museums aren't just repositories of art, they're time machines — Klimt's "The Kiss" dazzles in gold at the Belvedere and the quirky KunstHausWien is a testament to Hundertwasser's whimsical vision.

Food lovers will find plenty to celebrate in Vienna too, from classic strudels and schnitzels and indulgent Sachertortes to a kaleidoscope of flavors and smells at Naschmarkt.

Summer in Vienna opens up a whole host of fun activities, open-air concerts, and alfresco dining. The Danube, a playground for cyclists and river cruisers alike, is all the more inviting when the sun is out too. And kids, or kids at heart, will have no complaints about swapping the city's historic, royal, and artistic charms for the Prater — an amusement park where a 125-year-old Ferris wheel is the star of the show.

Lose yourself in Vienna's many charms with this guide.

Best places to visit in Vienna: top attractions you don't want to miss


Vienna offers a beguiling blend of baroque splendor and modern vibrancy. This Austrian capital effortlessly weaves tales of its imperial past into the colorful tapestry of its contemporary scene. From the majestic Schonbrunn Palace to the sprawling cultural complex of MuseumsQuartier, the array of sights and attractions is nothing short of spectacular.

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