Flotarium is a floatation centre situated in the centre of Barcelona. We have special Flotation, Zero Gravity tanks, or pods as they are sometimes called that allow for total mind-body disconnection and relaxation. Each tank is situated in a private cabin which has it's own showering and changing facilities as well as everything you will need during your session ie: towels, ear plugs,shampoo, conditioner, +hair dryers etc etc. Bathing costumes are optional but not necessary. Experience the ultimate relaxation experience in silky, skin temperature water infused with with the best quality Epsom salt. Two or more may float at the same time but each in their own individual pod which is in a private room with a shower. You will receive detailed information about your session by our attentive staff. Each session lasts just over an hour, (50 mins in the pod) preceded and followed by a shower. After your float you will have access to our hairdriers, and toiletries, including perfume, face and hand creams and hair products. The Benefits of Flotation Therapy are far reaching ,including better concentration, reduction of muscular tension, help with insomnia, anxiety, back pain and so much more. Booking a session for yourself or for a friend is a wonderful gift and a great way of expressing appreciation.It is an experience you will want to repeat. Relaxing, Healthy and Unforgettable

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