Hidden Valley Night tour

Hidden Valleys History This small, 11 hectare reserve, was purchased by its founder, David Savage, in 1979. At this time, much of the surrounding land was still being cleared and deforested for cattle pastures. The Savage family decided to protect their land, creating one of the country's first earliest "ecotourism' projects. Situated at a lower elevation, and blessed by cool Pacific winds, the reserve is comprised primarily of less humid, pre-montane forest, offering a habitat distinct from the region's higher elevation cloud forest reserves. Its location fits within the transition zone between tropical wet and seasonal moist forest, and its abundance of fruit producing trees make the reserve an ideal home for a variety of birds, mammals and exotic insects not often seen in the dense, humid cloud forest. Night Tour For those who wish to discover the night-time wonders of the forest, Hidden Valley offers a fascinating guided night walk. Led by bilingual, professionally trained naturalist guides, the tour begins at 5:30 pm, daily. After enjoying the beautiful sunset, visitors will first observe diurnal species, especially birds, as they prepare themselves to settle for the night. As darkness falls, they will witness the forest begin to awaken once again, as the nocturnal creatures start to emerge. The guide will explain many of the unique sights and unusual sounds while pointing out an array of insects, reptiles, birds, bats and mammals that inhabit the forest at night. Among the creatures that visitors are likely to spot are snakes, spiders, especially tarantulas, sleeping blue crowned mot-mots, tiny frogs, coatimundis, agoutis, bats, and if you're really lucky, maybe even a sleepy sloth, a wide-eyed kinkajou, or an armadillo. Of course there are no guarantees, so keep your eyes and ears peeled! The Night Walk begins everyday at 5:30 pm and finishes around 7:30. Visitors are advised to wear long pants and suitable, covered footwear and to bring a jacket; temperatures can get pretty cool here at night! Flash-lights are provided. is a great opportunity to know about the diversity of animals that remain hidden during the day. The naturalist guides will explain you during your trip the different forms of life and they will also help you to appreciate the fascinating creatures that inhabit in the forest at nights, allowing you to know a different facet of the animal life in Costa Rica.

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