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KeyTours – expert tour company is your key to unravel the fascination of Greece, the ideal travel destination that combines a rich history and cultural variety of more than 4000 years, with a modern face of the post-Olympic infrastructure. It can offer something to everyone and suit all ages, tastes and backgrounds. We do offer you the best sightseeing in Athens, half-day, full-day excursions, fascinating cruises and multi-day tours in mainland Greece. Our aim is to help you experience the real Greek culture and everyday life. We also organise private sightseeing, groups and pre- and post-conference tours. Let us make your stay in Athens exceptional! Founded in 1963, KeyTours has been organizing tours, on behalf of hundreds of leading Greek and international tour operators and companies. We are carefully selecting experienced and talented multi-lingual tour guides, a range of luxury air-conditioned coaches with friendly drivers and a variety of established or new hotels around Greece. Despite getting great feedback from our clients year after year, we’re constantly monitoring and reviewing our standards to assure exceptional customer service.

Key Tours offre des visites et des activités pour ces attractions :

Delphes, Stade panathénaïque, Acropole d'Athènes, Parthénon, Musée de l'Acropole, La place Syntagma, Erechthéion, Temple de Zeus Olympien, Athènes, Temple d’Athéna Niké, Porte d’Hadrien, Propylées, Zappéion, Jardin national d’Athènes, L'Académie d'Athènes, Firá, Mycènes, Mikrolimano, le quartier de Pláka, Université d'Athènes, Monastère des Météores, Olympie, Musée national archéologique d'Athènes, Odéon d'Hérode Atticus, Musée numismatique d’Athènes, l'Agora d'Athènes, Temple d’Héphaïstos, Théâtre de Dionysos, Pnyx, Santorin, Volcan de Santorin, Oia

Key Tours offre des visites et des activités dans ces villes :

Athènes, Delphes, le Pirée, Santorin, Théra, Épidaure, Corinthe, Myconos

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