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At New York Fun Tours, our goal is to provide a unique and fun way to experience the individual character of Manhattan's popular downtown neighborhoods. Different and distinctive from large, impersonal group tours, New York Fun Tours® will take you on chauffeured journeys through New York City's most historic and thriving neighborhoods.

New York Fun Tours offre des visites et des activités pour ces attractions :

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Skyride, Madina Masjid, New York, Université de New York, New York Transit Museum, Aquarium de New York, Musée Ground Zero, Mémorial du 11-Septembre, Greenwich Village, Petite Italie, Port maritime de South Street, Pont de Brooklyn, East Village, TriBeCa, Pont de Manhattan, Manhattan Skyline, Pont de Williamsburg, Jacques Torres Chocolate, New York Chinatown, New York Cotton Exchange, Brooklyn Heights Promenade, Bourse de New York, Lower Manhattan, The Ride NYC, Washington Square Park, The Hole NYC, Hudson Street, Café Wha?

New York Fun Tours offre des visites et des activités dans ces villes :

New York, Brooklyn

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