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Newman Tours provide tours in and around Shanghai that are both informative and entertaining. Led by native English speaking guides, our tours combine well-researched historical content with anecdotes, humour and Chinese cultural activities. In Shanghai we offer historical tours of The Bund, The French Concession, and The Shanghai Museum plus interactive Ancient Shanghai Tours, Gangster Tours, Ghost Tours and Shanghai Future Tours. Around Shanghai, we offer excursions to Hangzhou, Suzhou and Zhujiajiao. And last but not least, we are also able to meet your specific interests with our tailored Best Of Shanghai Tours, Shanghai Family Tours, Shanghai Business Tours, Antiques Tours, and Kung Fu Tours. Highly thought of by tourists, expats, journalists, and locals, Newman Tours offer an unrivaled means of making the most of your visit to Shanghai, so what are you waiting for? Book a tour with us now.

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Shanghai Concession française, Musée de Shanghai

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