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Hello, my name is Telia and I would love to be your compass in my hometown for a day! I really enjoy sharing my passion for the history of our ancient cities. My hometown, Kalamata, belongs to the region of Peloponnese. Peloponnese has so many beautiful things to see. Many ancients cities are around like Ancient Messene, Ancient Olympia, Mystras, Ancient Sparta, and even more. For those who prefer nature, Peloponnese is full of interesting places like Caves of Diros in Mani. In addition, hidden beaches are all over Kalamata. I can take you to swim and sightsee in the most famous and beautiful ones. I know all the secrets and the hidden beauties and I look forward to show them to you! Join us in a Private Day Trip and let your senses free.

Pixida Tours offre des visites et des activités pour ces attractions :

Olympie, Acropole d'Athènes, Parthénon, le quartier de Pláka, Musée de l'Acropole, Erechthéion, Temple d’Athéna Niké, Propylées, La place Syntagma, Monastiraki, Temple de Zeus Olympien, Athènes, Porte d’Hadrien, Anafiótika, Jardin national d’Athènes, Rue Pandrossou

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Gythio, Athènes, Arcadie

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