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We believe in promoting cultural awareness as an empowering tool to social transformation. Experience the Carioca lifestyle-rhythm, gastronomy and culture. Favela Tours in Rio de Janeiro. Many have already experienced the Brazilian regional cuisine and its diverse entertainment music, dances and much more all in a show that mixes all of the Brazilian culture, art, and gastronomy. Samplerio was reinvented and carefully planned in a unique style by community residents, this all in one special 6 hour event/show. Ferraz Group operates in the international tourist market for over 15 years. The Samplerio project, was idealized and promoted by Leandro Ferraz, CEO of Ferraz Group Brazil, is an important instrument of social transformation, always working side-by-side with the community. Event Details What´s included? - Transport in executive vans (pick up and drop off). Available for south zone Hotels in Rio de Janeiro. For other locations, please contact us. - Multi-lingual staff. - Short favela tour before Show begins. On foot. - Tickets for the Show. A variety of artists from within Vidigal community will include Samba de Roda, Pagode, Bossa Nova, Brazilian Hip Hop, Samba dancers, Capoeira, Embaixadinhas (kick control). - Complete tasting menu of Brazilian regional gastronomy (finger food, hot plates and drinks), specially prepared by renowned chefs in Rio will be available at customer´s choice. - Tasting menu of Brazilian drinks. - Arts made by local artists.

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