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Unique experiences for unforgettable memories :  Tours of wineries and wine estates, introduction to wine-tasting among the vineyards, culinary workshops, discovery of regional specialities and exceptional products, unforgettable meetings with local producers… For all our activities and visits, we carefully choose the partners we will take you to visit. Selected for the authenticity of their approach and their standard of service, you will be fascinated by their know-how. Whether alone or as part of a group, according to your wishes and your budget, Tasty Lyon’s services are adapted to your stay.  With a full- day or half-day private or shared tour, a large selection of destinations offers you a multitude of perspectives for discovering and appreciating the Lyons region and heritage. 

TASTY LYON offre des visites et des activités dans ces villes :

Visites & Activités proposées par TASTY LYON