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Spend quality time with your family, friends or a special person at the tranquil lakeside which is a hidden gem away from all the main tourists hot spots of Japan. On our tour, guests can experience quality Japanese traditional life as well as cooking experience using plentiful fresh local vegetables and rice through heart warming communication with our kind and friendly local host families. We offer programs where guests can enjoy the beautiful scenes of Lake Biwa or terraced rice fields either by bicycles or by foot at their own pace. Other programs are offered where one can learn about traditional local culture and art. All the tours are either private or as part of a small group attended by a guide to ensure that quality of the tour for each guests. Discover and participate in the traditions of Shiga life in un-crowded, natural surroundings. It’s a great chance to see the real Japanese life amongst the beautiful countryside in Shiga. We believe that our tours offer a real heart to heart cross-cultural experience, which will remain as one of the highlights of your trip in Japan. Tour du lac members who live by Lake Biwa, the largest and most unique lake in Japan, are looking forward to sharing with you while enjoying the life in these wonderful natural surroundings. We hope that we can offer a bridge between the guests and the local people for sharing and celebrating our collective humanity.

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