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Tour in the city is a full service travel agency based in Rome, we are an official Italian tour operator with 30 years of experience. The agency can organise travel arrangements for both business and leisure travellers We are specialized in customized travel for groups, individuals, families, couples. A special care about school groups and Incentives. We work in every region throughout Italy proposing a assorted range of tours, bus tours, bike, seg-way and scooter in Rome. We organize tours for individuals, small or big group tours, transportation services, cooking classes and every sort of logistical support. Our professional team of drivers, tour guides, hostess, interpreters and travel agents are at your complete disposal to assist you and to meet all requirements. The agents of Tour in the City are passionate, knowledgeable our agents will put together an itinerary that suits both your needs and budget.

Tour in the City - Travel Agency Rome - offre des visites et des activités pour ces attractions :

Colisée, Forum Romain, Mont Palatin, Circus Maximus, Arc de Titus, Basilique de Maxence et Constantin, Basilique Saint-Pierre, Fontaine de Trevi, Piazza Navona, Château Saint-Ange, Colle del Gianicolo, Piazza Venezia, Panthéon, Piazza di Spagna, Campo de’ Fiori, Largo di Torre Argentina, Area Sacra di Largo Argentina, Vatican, Chapelle Sixtine, Musées du Vatican, Basilique Sainte-Marie-Majeure, La Pietà, Fontaine Barcaccia, Church of Santa Maria del Popolo, Fountain of the Four Rivers, Piazza del Popolo, Palais Madame, Rome, Thermes de Caracalla, Catacombes de Rome, Voie Appienne, Mur d’Aurélien, Tombe de Cæcilia Metella, Parc de la Caffarella, Villa dei Quintili, Cirque de Maxence, Capitole, Trastevere, Villa Borghese, Théâtre de Marcellus, Ghetto juif de Rome, Tibre

Tour in the City - Travel Agency Rome - offre des visites et des activités dans ces villes :


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