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AROLITHOS is the unique traditional private Cretan village. It lies just 11 kilometers away from Heraklion, along the old national road connecting Heraklion with Rethymnon. Built on the slope of a mountain, in the wild Cretan landscape, the village is a feast for the eyes, evoking memories from the past of older generations as for their way of living while revealing the simplicity and beauty of old times to younger generations. AROLITHOS is a family - run business. It was implemented with great passion and love for Cretan tradition. Its goal is to bring Cretan tradition, the customs and habits of the region, the architecture and the values of Cretan people into relief, through a project that will stay alive for a long time to come. AROLITHOS complex could be characterized as a reconstruction of a typical Cretan village including various departments such as: Hotel, Restaurant, Traditional tavern with cretan recipes "DELFIS" (Free WiFi internet), Swimming pool and pool bar, Traditional Cafe, Modern Cafe, Museum of Rural History and Popular Art, Traditional houses, Woven Textiles,Mosaics Workshop, Shops with Cretan products and Church. Here, visitors escape from the tiring everyday routine for a while and is taken back to the past, where everything used to be pure and genuine.

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