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Walks In History, LLC is excited to be operating in the most beautiful and historic city in the United States. We offer unique walking tours in the French Quarter and Marion Square area of historic downtown Charleston. In the French Quarter, enjoy a French Quarter Walk as great overview of the history of the original walled city to modern times while visiting the most famous buildings of local and national interest with breathtaking views of the harbor castle and forts built at the entrance to the Atlantic Ocean. In Marion Square, an oft-forgotten part of Charleston, the Supernatural Charleston Tour (also known as the Haunted Charleston Tour) takes place in the heart of the historic peninsula, in one of the oldest and most interesting parts of the Holy City, including points of interest: the College of Charleston, the Old Citadel, a Revolutionary War Burial Ground, the Site of the Charleston Orphan House, an old Scottish church across from the oldest African-American church in the South, and a life-size replica of The Hunley submarine to name a few. We offer the most authentic and detailed tours in The Holy City.

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